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Book 1

Most middle school kids try and cover-up the fact that they forgot their homework, but Bernadette Thorpe is busy trying to cover-up her whole life. How do you hide a father who’s a book hoarding weirdo and looks like he just stepped out of a history textbook—with his top hats, moth-eaten vocabulary, and a belief that written letters are a better form of communication than cell phones? And how do you hide your creepy gothic house, a housekeeper who thinks dressing a chicken means putting clothes on your food, and a gardener who thinks the best solution to all lawn care problems is to bring in the elephants? Bernadette can barely hide her embarrassment, let alone an elephant.


So, when she gets noticed by Logan, the new boy at school, Bernadette feels like it’s the first regular middle-school thing to happen to her. Before she can do a happy-dance, she finds out she’s not the only one hiding things. The clues to her father’s mysterious identity plaster the walls, and Logan’s hairy secret smacks her in the face. But when characters literally start popping out of the books in her family library, will Bernadette be able to hide it all from the nosey, popular girl who lives next door? Can Bernadette use her father’s extraordinary books to magically make life normal before she and Logan are forever labeled as the school’s outcasts?